Founded by a collective of Artists, Entrepreneurs and Taste Makers – The Music Trust is a Trusted source for booking musicians & DJs in nightclubs, live music venues & events around the world. We specialize in talent booking, tastemaker marketing, music curation and event consulting.



Our talented artists are experts in creating the perfect musical flavor for your event, background music or helping your event environment with that sonic touch.

Tour Routing

With a large network of venues and clubs, we can help maximize your tour in key markets across the nation.

Tastemaker Marketing

Gain credibility and views on your product/brand by utilizing our
network of active tastemakers.


Maybe you don't need a full blown tour booked, or act for your event. Maybe you just need help on figuring out what your event really needs? We can help you.

Why us

The right entertainment can make or break any event, and finding the right entertainment is not always an easy task.

The Music Trust sets a new standard by offering